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Waste Management : GPT Waste Waste


GPT Waste Managementgement are an independent waste management solutions provider, servicing clients across the UK. They employ over 400 service providers to deliver a fully compliant service for all trade, commercial, confidential, hazardous, healthcare and construction waste. They

Rapid growth meant that GPT had out grown their Excel spreadsheets.

A bespoke desktop application was developed using Access and an SQL Server Backend. Later an online customer reporting portal added interactive reports and graphical summaries.

Highlights of this project:

Existing data was all imported, resulting in a seemless switchover.

Custom Pricing Models - for example : Fixed price for 1st 3 tonnes, thereafter a rate per tonne.

Automatic Scheduling of Trade Waste Contracts - weekly (for example every Tuesday and Thursday), fortnightly, 4 weeks, monthly, quarterly

Integrated "duty of care" or "chain of custody" and environment agency reporting. See Fig 3 below.below.

Production of client and supplier confirmation, using standard templates.

Invoices automatically generated in Sage Line50 Accounts.

 Estimates and Quotes allowing multiple costing from different suppliers. Simple to convert to live jobs when accepted.

Reduced administrative effort in creating regulatory paperwork and reports.

Data validation reduced errors

Control of profit margins : manager approval required for jobs below certain margin,  can't be sent without approval.

Role Based Security - defines what each user can do.

Efficient Scalable Database - using SQL server allows secure storage, full shared access, and fast data retrieval.ieval.

Client Reporting - ability to export to excel, see Fig 2 below.

Powerful Adhoc reporting allows combination of criteria to applied for example margin, client, date, created by, See Fig 1.

Client Feedback

"The most important difference it has made is that there is far more automation of processes. We also hold much better data which we can access more easily, so we can give better customer service. We can also report quickly and accurately on the services provided

"After many years of searching for a software system, GPT Waste Management Ltd approached Paul Stanley to develop a bespoke software system that suited the needs of our business. Through out this process Paul showed us his full support and commitment to the project by, gaining a comprehensive in depth understanding of our business model and day to day activities. This resulted in a unique program to our industry, allowing it to grow with our business.  Paul Stanley continues to support GPT into the next stages of the development."

Clare Callaghan, General Manager, GPT Waste Management

Fig 1 Job List

Waste Management Job List

fig 2 Client Reports

Waste Management - Client Movement Report

Fig 3 Waste Transfer Note

Duty of Care - Waste Transfer Note


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