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What Clients say about Me

"Paul showed us his full support and commitment to the project by, gaining a comprehensive in depth understanding of our business model and day to day activities. This resulted in a unique program to our industry, allowing it to grow with our business."
Clare Callaghan, General Manager, GPT Waste Management

"Paul impressed in both his ability to understand our requirements, and to deliver a very user friendly solution. He is very flexible and responsive both to changes and delays during the project implementation, and in delivering subsequent amendments quickly. Costs are proportionate and realistic.”
Rob Clark, Sefton Contract and Monitoring Manager, English Landscapes

"I was impressed by how Paul listened to me and created what I asked for rather than what he thought I needed and made it better than what I’d asked for." JHA

"Paul prefers to under-promise and over-deliver”
Monisha Huestis, Agilent Technologies

"We found working with Paul Stanley at PSSUK a very enlightening experience. He was readily able to understand our specific needs and provide a quick workable solution in plain language. We found the quoted price for the tailor made product being offered was very competitive. ”
Captain N Whittaker, Senior Master, Stena Line Irish Sea Ltd

"We had a bad experience of changing to an off-the-shelf IT solution, we found it did not live up to our expectations. With PSS we were able to develop the and quickly adapt software to support changes for new pricing plans.”
Debbie McCann, EzeeCopy

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