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Advice for Commissioning Software

  • The clearer the idea you have, the more chance you will get what you want and avoid overspend.
  • Look at the competition and what else is already on the market. Find websites you like the look of, if appropriate. It is a great help to a developer to see examples rather than have descriptions.
  • Focus on the process, be clear what happens at each stage. Consider exceptions, what happens if data is not complete etc.
  • Keep things as simple as possible, and focus on the essential functionality you require.
  • Staged approach is much better, add refinements later. This will contain and spread development costs.
  • Dont under estimate the time and resources you and the business need to put in to successfully implement a new project. The developer can't do everything for you.
  • Ensure the whole team or company are involved and give them oportunities to contribute. The more people involved better chance something essential is not overlooked.
  • Request to see progress regularly.
  • Stop if you dont think you are getting what you want.
  • Insist on copyright, its your ideas, and you are paying.
  • Get answers to all concerns : What happens if the developer is run over by a bus?
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