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Photocopier Invoicing & Service

EzeeCopy are one of the largest UK companies supplying photocopiers, on a commission only basis, to 500 retail outlets from independents to large chains such as the CoOp.

PSS took over development of EzeeCopy's Customer Service and Invocing Database application (Access 2003), after encountering insurmountable problems with an off-the-self replacement.

In a highly competitive market it is necessary to offer a wide range of flexible pricing plans including: (see Fig 1):

  • Fixed monthly rental
  • Sliding price bands based on usage
  • Allowance for bad copies
  • Minimum copies per month
  • Allow for estimated readings

Invoices produced are printed in batches and imported to Sage accounting.

Account Management - putting accounts on hold when invoices aren't paid

Customers order copier consumables, paper and toner. Users review previous meter readings to detect misuse or over-ordering by clients (Fig 2). The Access database then generates orders to suppliers.

Keeping records of photocopier stock for audit purposes.

Keeping track of faults and service calls with updates from field engineers (see Fig 3).

EzeeCopy were able to customise forms and and reports themselves, reducing the overall cost of maintaining the software and decreasing implementation time for small changes.

“We had a bad experience of changing to an off-the-shelf IT solution, we found it did not live up to our expectations so we reverted back to our old system. Working with PSS we were able to develop the old system and quickly adapt it to support changes for new pricing plans.”
Debbie McCann, EzeeCopy

Fig 1 Invoicing

PhotoCopier Invoicing

Fig 2 Consumables Ordering

EzeeCopy Consumables Ordering

Fig 3 Service Calls

Photocopier Service Calls

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