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How Bespoke Software is Developed

Bespoke Software Development Keywords

A Bespoke Software Project is developed in stages:

1 - Consultation

If you have an application in mind, give me a ring for an informal discussion. Depending on how developed your project is, I would then meet you for an initial consultation.

The consultation enables me to accurately assess your needs and discuss possible solutions that match your requirements and budget. This is free.

The consultation is far more than a sales visit, you get honest advice, the benefit of my experience and a risk free opportunity to assess the project feasibility.

I spend time listening and understanding in order to precisely quantify your needs. This ensures the software does the job you want it to do. 

2 - Specification & Quotation

If I believe I can genuinely offer an effective solution that will benefit you, I will provide:

  • detailed fixed price costed quotation,
  • specification of what is included, and
  • implementation timescales. 

The price is fully inclusive

  • meetings, understanding requirements
  • design & coding to your requirements
  • installation and fine tuning once running
  • training & initial support
  • software purchases

more on costs...

3 - Development

Your application is developed in stages, allowing you to approve and comment at every phase.

Working prototypes are produced quickly. This avoids misunderstandings that arise from difficult to visualise, lengthy written specifications.

You comment on functionality, usability and performance of the application at an early stage.

The program is then successively refined based on your feedback.

This approach gives you the confidence, throughout, that the finished program will meet all your expectations.

4 - Installation

Your application is then installed, integrating it with your other applications. This may involve importing data from existing systems. I give all the necessary training you require.

5 - Testing and Handover

All applications, require a period of user testing, where bugs are discovered and fixes provided. For larger projects this can take 3-6 months.

I do not stop until your application is completely reliable and you are totally happy with it.

6 - Support

I continue to support and maintain software after the initial project is completed.

7 - Ongoing Development and Enhancements

Some applications don't need changes. In other cases software can be enhanced, to grow with the business, to new meet new or changing requirements, and to further improve efficiency.

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