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Bespoke Software Costs

Bespoke Software Costs - A Pound

Bespoke software can be developed on a fixed price project< basis. You know exactly how much the cost will be. The price you pay will not change as long as the original specification is not radically changed.



Factors Influencing Software Cost

Number of forms & reports

Complexity of processing required on forms

Some projects have lots of reports and data entry forms but involve a strightforward data flow and can be produced much faster where complex data

How much data willgerante Size of the data and inter-relationship between data items (customers, orders, products etc)

Importing old data, particularly if not well structured, multiple sources increase cost cost

Level of design required, especially for web solutions

Interaction with other systems Distribution of data, e.g. communication between different sites increases application costs



How Costs are Split Split

In a proposal I give you a detailed breakdown of the costs.

A typical breakdown for large web fronted data base application could be:

  • 10% Specification, Design and Meetings
  • 10% Import and Export
  • 5% Database Setup, Security, Framework, Menus Menus
  • 40% Forms
  • 15% Reports
  • 25% Testing, Amendments, Support & Handover

These vary depending on the nature of the project.

Stage Payments

You pay for projects in stages, for example:

  • 25% on placement of order
  • 25% on stage one
  • 25% coding completion and demonstration of all functions and reports completed
  • 30% on satisfactory completion of user testing and handover

No Site Licenses enses

With my software there is no site license, or per user charge that are common with off-the-shelf packages.

Software Costs per Hour

I charge at an hourly rate for ongoing support, small additions to the original application, when work is needed urgently, or when no clear specification has yet been agreed.

My hourly rate is £60 per hour.

Advice for Commissioning Softwareftware

1) The clearer the idea you have, the more chance you will get what you want and avoid overspend.

2) Look at the competition and what else is already on the market. Find websites you like the look of, if appropriate. It is a great help to a developer to see examples rather than have descriptions.

3) Focus on the process, be clear what happens at each stage. Consider exceptions, what happens if data is not complete etc.

4) Keep things as simple as possible, and identify the essential functionality you require.

5) Consider a staged approach. You can add refinements later. Larger projects can be developed as a series of smaller self contained stages, spreading development costs.

6) Dont under estimate the time and resources you need to put in to successfully implement a new project. Don't expect the developer to do everything for you.

7) Ensure the whole team, company are involved andgive them opertunities to contribute. The more people

7) Request to see progress regularly.

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